Here We Go Again…

I have made and broken the promise to myself hundreds of times. The promise that I will write every day. Hundreds of times I have made that promise. Hundreds of times I have broken it, disappointing myself and then punishing myself by NOT writing. Funny how the human psyche works.

So, this time I won’t use the word promise. Tonight, I will use the word commit. I am committing to myself that I will set aside a few minutes each day to write. Perhaps my new laptop, that is mine all mine, and not one I have to share with my husband or my kids, will aid in that. Perhaps.

What I know is that I have a lot of thoughts to organize and a lot of things to say, and I miss putting words on the page. I miss writing.

So, tonight I commit. For now, the words will end up here.

Let’s see where it takes me.

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