Page 7

The boys went back to school today. My husband is working from home, still recovering from surgery.

My garage is still a disaster. I’m convinced our Christmas Trees will be up until April, and my hands look like they actually belong to a crusty old crab fisherman on the Bering Sea, and I can’t even believe I’m posting pics of them here, but they don’t even look human and hurt like hell. Even typing makes me want to cry. I’m sleeping in gloves and slathered in cream but – come on – they are so bad. Once every few years they get this bad – whether it’s the dry cold here in recent weeks or the wrapping and unwrapping or a thousand things, who knows. But here are crusty old fisherman hands.

Ahhhh, so feminine and dainty. Forget that I started biting my nails again which is the worst habit to have and one I’m REALLY working on – anxiety does it no favors – but seriously. Those gnarly hands don’t fit my precious personality. 😉

Oh, and I’m achy and stuffy and my throat is killing me. So praying I don’t go down for the count. Although sleeping for 5 days does sound pretty great right now.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a better page.

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